License Model

With individually adapted modules for specific functions, systems, workflows or vertical markets, WinGuard even allows for very special requirements without overloading the basic system and keeping its easy operation for the user. Starting with a single unit installation up to distributed systems with high availability and multiple fallback levels, WinGuard is applied in various environments. The WinGuard License Model therefore reflects four different main systems whilst each of them can be extended by further optional modules (functional or interface modules), already at purchase or at a later stage.

All detector types, cameras, phone stations etc. are uniformly managed as data points in WinGuard. Data points require either one (e.g. fire and intrusion detectors, lighting, monitors) or several data point unit licenses (e.g. doors, cameras, intercom). An automatic setup function for data points simplifies the projection. The more extensive an installation, the more data point units are required for the linking to WinGuard.